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Aspen Ross was first diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma cancer in 2014 at the age of 21. After battling hard for a year, she was declared cancer free. Aspen’s second diagnosis, with stage 4 melanoma, came 5 years later, in 2021, at the age of 27.

After a year and a half of difficult surgeries and treatments, Aspen passed away on July 9, 2022, at the age of 29. Aspen was a fighter. She fought so hard. She faced each day with grace and bravery.
Aspen Ross and sister
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Aspen was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. After graduating from Norman North High School in 2011, she moved to Colorado to attend Fort Lewis College in Durango. In college, Aspen pursued her lifelong dream of becoming an elementary school teacher, something that she accomplished by graduating in 2015. After leaving Durango, Aspen taught kindergarten in Colorado Springs for 4 years, right up to her second diagnosis in 2021. She was very passionate about education, reading, and helping others. She also enjoyed sharing her stories about her kindergarten students.
In 2015, during her senior year at Fort Lewis College, and while attending her going away party to begin chemotherapy, Aspen met the love of her life. During that party, she and Levi Ross bonded over mutual interests, such as Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Reading, and just being silly together. It was love at first sight for Aspen, and they eventually married in Durango, in 2018. Because of the prior cancer treatments, Aspen and Levi were not sure that they would be able to conceive a child, so they were thrilled when they found out that Aspen was pregnant in 2020. Baby Jack was born in September of that year. Jack was a true blessing, and instantly became an inspiration for Aspen, during her second battle with cancer.

Aspen’s story, and personality, has touched people all over the world, and continues to have a long lasting effect on those that knew her. She was a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. She was very passionate and protective about the people she cared about. Aspen was unique, kind, fun, and loud. Her personality was larger than life. But most of all, Aspen truly cared about helping others. That is why The Aspen Ross Legacy Foundation is so important. By working together, we can ease some of the suffering brought on by this horrible disease. We can continue the giving spirit that Aspen hoped for in this world.  
Aspen Ross
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